About Us


Michiko Seto started Lewes Wear because in the historic town of Lewes where many tourists come and visit, there was no place to buy a souvenir t-shirt, cap or sweatshirt in 2011.  When we opened the first gift shop – Lewes Gifts. we initially tried to fit the Lewes Wear items in the gift shop but it became just too crowded, so when a commercial space was being renovated in town she decided to look at separating those products into a separate store and Lewes Wear was born.  Lewes Wear opened in late November of 2013.  Lewes Wear was open for 4 years and the neighboring store had 4 different businesses come and go and I was just tired of having a vacant store next door and approached the landlord about taking the neighboring store. He agreed and we expanded to two stores with a common porch area at 109 Savannah Rd store A & B. 

In Lewes Wear, we have men’s & women’s Lewes apparel from tanks to t-shirts to sweatshirts to jackets to caps and more. And with our neighboring door, you can go into Just Lewes store and find unique Lewes gifts and apparel for infants, toddlers and youths. Your one stop shops for Souvenirs to take home from historic Lewes – the first town in the first state.

Mission Statement

Lewes Wear is dedicated to providing Lewes themed merchandise for men, women, and children. We love our small town of Lewes, and we know that many people who visit here love it too!  Lewes Wear strives to provide superior customer service for everyone with fun always in mind!


Michiko Seto

Michiko Seto, (Micha) a Jersey Shore native, founded the sister store of Lewes Wear in November of 2013, when it broke off from her gift shop Lewes Gifts.  She spent many summers working in various types of small businesses and dreaming about owning a business of her own one day. Graduating from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Merchandising, Michiko Seto, obtained valuable experience working in management positions in retail, banking and direct sales. From summer jobs to post graduation experiences, the dream unfolded.

While on vacation in 2004, Micha happened upon some unique handbags and beach bags that were as pricey as they were beautiful. Being inspired, Michiko Seto designed beautiful, unique but affordable bags for her friends and family. Creatively, the bags progressed from silk flowers to adding various trim of beads, fringes, seashells and even changeable trims. The public began taking notice of the Blooming Bags. Seeing the opportunity for a business, Michiko Seto began looking for a place to sell her bags.

A Growing Business

Michiko Seto's first store, Blooming Boutique location opened in August of 2006, in a small, 375 square foot space located at 107 W. Market Street in downtown Lewes, Delaware. It began with all different Blooming Bags and a few handbag accessories. Blooming Boutique was an immediate success and has now grown into 10 stores and an internet company . 

Blooming Boutique has 4 locations in Southern Delaware including Long Neck, Milford & two locations in Lewes.

Lewes Gifts & Bayside Gifts in Long Neck - Gifts, Cards, and Home Accessories. 

Treasures in Lewes and Long Neck – Sterling Silver Jewelry and Home Décor

Lewes Wear & Just Lewes – Lewes & Delaware Apparel, Accessories and